What Is Ikea Bunkie Board

Bunk Ikea Bunkie Board

IKEA bunkie board – Bunkie is used as a mattress support in bunk beds. And ‘usually a large control panel that fits under the mattress. Although many sets of bunk beds come with Bunkie boards, some consumers may have to buy or make one. Basically, a Bunkie board is just a large wooden deck, and is often covered with a thick cloth. Bunkie boards can be found in a wide range of sizes, often to suit the berths of the most popular sizes. These dimensions can include twin, full, queen, and sometimes even king. They are also very thin, usually no more than an inch (2.5 centimeters).

Similar to a normal bed frame, a Bunkie board provides support for bunk bed mattresses. IKEA bunkie board rest within the frame of the bunk, and mattresses sit on top of these platforms. This ensures that mattresses do not begin to yield in some areas of the weight of people who are in them for long periods of time. Bunkie tables are commonly used in bunk beds for a couple of reasons. For the standard height of a ceiling in the press room, a Bunkie board is necessary to allow it to have enough space for people working on the bunk beds.

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If bunk beds use box springs for support, the mattresses could rise too high. Since you are much thinner, Bunkie boards are able to withstand mattresses and keep occupants from hitting your bunk beds. Safety is another reason for most berths to use an ikea bunkie board. The handrail on the top bed has to be a certain height above the top surface of the mattress. Because they are much more often, a box spring can raise the top of the mattress. This sets the safety railings in the upper bunk too high, and that maybe scraping the roof.

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