Very Useful Queen Storage Bed Plans

Black Queen Storage Bed Plans

Queen storage bed plans – If our bedroom is study type and at the same time our TV room. A drawer bed can be very useful for storing the films, the remote controls of the screen and the projector that we can observe in the upper part of the photograph. The wooden base of this bed, also becomes a bench. As an auxiliary piece of furniture to receive guests to enjoy a cinema function in the comfort of our bedroom. IK Architects present a versatile design to get the most out of the space. So the discreet white drawers of this bed become the ideal element to keep the pajamas to preserve the harmony of the room.

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This is one of the benefits that this type of queen storage bed plans offers us when we do not want to put more furniture in our bedroom. And preserve the decoration style to a greater extent. By not having auxiliary furniture for storage in our rooms. The beds with drawers become an element of great support. Mariangel Coghlan , in a Mediterranean style, keeps the room open. Allowing this bed to become multifunctional thanks to its two drawers at the foot, providing a clean space without excess. In a bedroom that is also intend for rest, for study hours , which makes it essential that order be a priority.

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Modern spaces appeal for order and simplicity in their design. Look for clean and functional spaces. Organized, simple and elegant are the characteristics that make this style of rooms so special. So in this MCMM design, the choice of these queen storage bed plans is the most appropriate. A beige and white space makes the room look illuminated. Its sliding door closet is complemented by the large drawers at the base of the bed to emphasize the style of the decoration. You want more ideas of a modern bedroom, visit the our gallery.