Upholstered Bedroom Bench Ideas

White Upholstered Bedroom Bench

Upholstered Bedroom Bench for your bedroom or dormitory quickly and easily with these step by step instructions. You will find wood related materials and supplies at your local home improvement store; they will also cut wood size for you if you ask. Furniture fabrics are available online and at your local fabric stores. The materials listed here are for building a 3-foot-long bench that is 18-inches deep. Adjust measurements to fit the size of the bench that works best for you. Stain or prime and paint decorative bench legs and the underside of your wooden board to match the attire and decor of your room.


You may need more than one layer of paint or paint to achieve the desired finish. Allow the coating to dry. Apply spray glue to the top of your Upholstered Bedroom Bench. Place the polyurethane padding on top of the board; carefully adjust the edges to fit evenly with the board. Allow the glue to dry. Lay the furniture side down on a flat surface. Place the wad on top of the fabric. Spray glue on polyurethane padding and lay it face down in the middle of the wadding and fabric stored. Wrap the fabric and wad over the padding and adhere it to the board. Begin in the middle of a page, stapling about 3-inches from the edge of the wood.

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Do not be stubborn with staples; place them at their height one inch apart. Fold the fabric in the corners as if you wrap a present and staple them properly. Work around the perimeter of the bench. Cut off excess fabric. Select the places for the four decorative Upholstered Bedroom Bench on the bottom of your countertop. You can place your legs near each corner, or fold them up to 2-inches. Drill holes for the screws to make it easier to insert them through the fabric and into the wood. Attach the legs to the cushioned bench. Painting decorative bench or table legs is fast and easy with spray paint. Be careful when using a staple gun.

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