Unique And Personal Primitive Bed In A Bag

Blue Primitive Bed In A Bag

Primitive bed in a bag – The bedroom is the most important space in the house for many. It supposes a unique and personal refuge, a place of recharge of energy whose decoration acquires special importance. Inspire yourself in these rooms decorated with country air and chic rustic. From the selection of furniture, to the orientation of the bed through the mirrors. And, of course, by the colors, everything counts when it comes to achieving that longed for restorative sleep. It is vital to choose soft colors for the room, which transmit calm and calm.

Another basic point when organizing this space is to consider who will be destine. If we talk about the primitive bed in a bag of a couple, we will think of a neutral bet, in soft tones and with the presence of smooth and vaporous fabrics, while in a girl’s room the most refreshing floral prints will triumph next to auxiliary furniture of feminine character, such as a dressing table or a screen. If you love the English country style , with its pickled furniture and Liberty prints, you will love this proposal by Laura Ashley, romantic and super feminine.

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In addition to coquettish and decorative, having a toilet corner means spending time with one. Place primitive bed in a bag in a bedroom area is a success. Provide that it is near an entrance of natural light and is equip. In addition, with an extra light source, a mirror and space for all accessories and cosmetics. In diaphanous or large spaces, it is necessary to look for resources to compartmentalize the environments; especially when some privacy is required. If this is your case, try a screen as a separating element to gain privacy. In this bedroom, for example, the resting area is hide from view by an openwork model of oriental inspiration, which allows the passage of natural light and prevents prying eyes.

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