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Sunflower comforter – Today we are going to tell you how to dress a bed. We give you some ideas and tips following the latest trends in home textiles. The possibilities at the time of dressing a bed are endless and will depend on many variables: whether it is the bed in the main room or in the guest room, for example. If you need to dress a bed with a more youthful or childlike style. Also influencing the time of year, the other decorative elements of the bedroom (curtains, carpets) and, of course, your own tastes.

What is indisputable is that dresses your bed with a new quilt, Nordic game or quilt and create a nice combination with the colors of the pillow and cushion covers, completely renews your bedroom.  The change is total. The energy that is created is another. Change the light and temperature of the environment. Something as simple as renovating the bed clothes makes your bedroom look like another. Dressing a bed with plain colors gives you many possibilities: you can play with colors to tone or create contrasts with the sunflower comforter covers and pillows, and also with the curtains.

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For example, if you choose blue you can look for cushion covers that have different shades of the blue / green range or a pattern that has blue details.  Or if you prefer you can combine with other colors: blue / mustard, turquoise / chocolate brown. It is very fun and you will always get beautiful combinations! You can also combine warm and cold colors. Dress your bed with sunflower comforter or Nordic play with geometric pattern to offer your bedroom a youthful, fresh and very modern look. The geometric patterns are trend and are super combinable. Our favorites have clear backgrounds and look great with cushions or pillows in bright colors.

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