Support Adjust For Ashley Chaise Lounge

Signature Design By Ashley Chaise Lounge

Ashley Chaise Lounge – A chaise longue is the size of a sofa and has a raised back that can rest or be rigid. Although originally developed as an ornate piece of indoor furniture, the chaise longue comes in many forms and can be found in many places around the house, including the bedroom, living room or outside by the pool. The chaise longue comes in a variety of indoor and outdoor styles and comes with a rigid or adjustable back. The choice of the latter has helped make the modern chaise lounge a popular piece of furniture with various uses.

The Ashley chaise lounge is designed so that you can sit in a relaxed and partially reclining position. A modern chaise longue has a flexible back, so you can change the angle of the incline. Divans are great for the patio side and the pool. The chaise longue headrest adjusts brackets on the back of the headrail. When the brackets are loose or out of shape the only adjustment you can make is to replace the brackets. For a more adjustable chair, buy replacement brackets that have eight adjustment hooks instead of the four that are standard. Replacement brackets for chaise lounges are available through manufacturers and some home improvement centers.

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Fold the top of the Ashley chaise lounge down to access the adjustment brackets. Remove the screws that hold the chaise lounge headrail brackets with a Phillips screwdriver. Also to a new lower orifice mounting bracket with a lower hole in the center rail. The adjustment supports have three holes. The hooks on the adjustment bracket should face the top of the main rail. Mark the rest of the mounting holes in the center rail with a marker. New drills in the marks with a drill of 1/8 of an inch. Place the new bracket on the main rail and secure it with the retaining screws. Repeat for the other side of the main lane.

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