Storage Ottoman In A Darcy Sofa Chaise

Awesome Darcy Sofa Chaise

Darcy sofa chaise – An ottoman can act as a place, a footrest or even a coffee table. In addition, many ottomans are designed with storage space inside. You can beat a storage ottoman in a chaise lounge by placing it on a chair or at the end of your couch. As long as the height of the ottoman is the same as the chair or sofa without its pillows, you can make a long pillow that stretches over the two pieces of furniture to create a Darcy sofa chaise. Remove the seat cushion on your armchair or take a seat cushion from one end of the sofa.

Place the storage ottoman in front of the chair or in front of the sofa at the end without the pillow. If you use the Darcy sofa chaise, the ottoman and the sofa will form an L-shape. The height of the ottoman must be the same as the chair or the sofa the seat without the pillow. Also measure from the front of the storage ottoman on the back of the chair or the sofa seat. This is your length measurement. Measure the width of the ottoman where it meets the chair or the sofa. This is your width measure.

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Choose fabric for cushion cover that is durable, wear your existing clothes, and do not stretch. Measure the thickness of your foam plate and add 1 inch for the seam allowance. Pin three sides of the bottom fabric piece to the free sides of the side post, keeping straight to the straight and matching corners of the top. Slide the foam plate into the lid. Turn rough edges in the short side of the sleeve as you do not sew on the inside 1/2 inch. And then sew the opening by hand. Place your finished covered pillow over the Darcy sofa chaise so that it also covers the ottoman.

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