Steps By Steps To Make Tufted Bedroom Bench

Upholstered Tufted Bedroom Bench

A bench is a decorative convenience that can serve as extra seating in the bedroom. Make your own tufted bedroom bench with fabric coordinating with the overall room design. One bedroom bench accent is usually used at the end of the bed, but it does not have to extend the width of the bed. Have the wood cut for you when you buy it to save time and messy job to cut it yourself. To build it, starting with sand 30-inch long 15-inch wide 2-inch thick deciduous board. And a 30-inch long 15-inch wide with 1/4 inch thick hardwood board aboard medium sandpaper. Wipe away waste garbage. Color one side of each card, and the edges of 1/4 inch thick disc.

Color four decorative legs tufted bedroom bench. 2-inch thick cardboard is back seat. 1/4 inch thick cardboard is the underside of the seat after it is tufted. Allow the stain to dry. Measure and mark 2-inch on board every 3 inches along the length and width. The markings are where the bench will be tumbled. Adjust measurements if you prefer another space between each tuft. Drill 1/8 “hole through bench over each brand. Cover each hole over the colored side of the bench with a strip of tape. Cut a section of padding foam to fit the bench. Attach foam to the uncolored side of the spraylim bench. Cut a section of fabric and bat to fit the top, sides and 4 inches of the underside of the seat bench.¬†Wrap bat over the top of the seat and fasten it on the underside with a staple gun.

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Wrap the fabric over batten and attach it in the same way. Pull the cover needle and insert it through one of the holes in the back seat, from tape all the way through the fabric. Slide a button over the needle when it comes out of the fabric. Put the needle back through the fabric. Wad foam and wood to leave the tape next to where it started. Drag the thread tightly so that the button sinks in the foam to create a tassel. Knot the thread together to secure the tassel. Repeat this step for each hole in the bench. Attach 1/4 inch wooden slab on sofa, over silver tape and twisted threads, with screws. Attach the four decorative legs to each corner of the tufted bedroom bench with screws and a small L bracket.

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