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Bed blanket set – Although it is not as luxurious in size as a double bed. A double bed exceeds a full-size bed in length and width and is a better fit in many small rooms than a king. If you want to associate the bed with a blanket of the area. You must also keep the dimensions of the bed in mind to get a proper fit. The standard dimensions of a queen size mattress are 60 inches by 80 inches. Queen bed frames are executed only slightly larger than these dimensions to accommodate the mattress. Depending on the style of your bed. The bed can be only 2 to 3 inches longer and wider than a double mattress.

Measure the bed, getting an accurate measurement of the structure of the double bed is the first step in choosing the dimensions of the area bed blanket set of a double bed. Measure the bed from the edge of the headboard to the edge of the foot long platform and the other side of the headboard and foot board wide. In addition, measure the distance between the feet of the bed structure. When a bed is placed on a bare floor. The foot of the bed can create scratches or marks on the floor surface. The use of a carpet with a double bed prevents the bed from sliding on the surface of the floor, which protects the floor.

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The dimensions of the bed blanket set, the best dimensions for the carpet you use with your double bed depends on its purpose for the carpet. If you want to protect the floor, but do not want the carpet to show. You can buy a carpet only 1 or 2 inches longer in the height and diameter of the bed itself. When placed under the double bed. You can probably hide a carpet of this size if you put a farce around the bottom of the bed. If you want the carpet to offer the decoration, buy a carpet. Which are several inches larger in height and width than the dimensions of the bed.

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