Simple Steps To Clean And Maintain Your Kilim Pouf

Berber Kilim Pouf

Anyone thinking of buying any Moroccan skin Kilim Pouf may find tips on how to clean and keep them useful. After all, it will ensure that your Moroccan pouf looks good and lasts longer in your home. When they first arrive, the smell of the skin may be a bit excessive. Because these Moroccan poufs are usually made of camel or goat skin. You do not need to panic and do not spray it with any air freshener. What you can do is broadcast it for a few days. Avoid placing it in a dark or humid room. The odor should disappear within a few days after it airs.

Since most are used to place your feet as a footstool or even as a seat, you may need to wash them occasionally. If Morocco Kilim Pouf in your house is bright, it will look very clear when dirty or stained. What you can do is first clean it with a duster if it looks dusty. But again, some dust particles get trapped between the folds of the skin or after extensive use, the skin will look dirty. You will need to use a skin cleanser to clean the skin with care. Make sure you read the instructions that came with the skin cleanser first.

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However, if you Kilim Pouf are made of fabric, then you can use a carpet cleaner. Again, read the instructions first. Make sure that the cleanser you use is free of bleach. Because you do not want to bleach the beautiful Moroccan leather pouf. Since dust tends to accumulate at the bottom of your furniture, it would be good for you to empty the bottom of the Moroccan poufs. Also a reminder that after washing the skin with a skin cleanser, make sure you clean the skin properly and dry it with a dry towel. You do not want to leave the skin soaking wet with water. Once dry, apply a waxy skin on them as this will help maintain the skin longer and provide a nice shiny and clean look.

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