Simple Ideas to Crochet Pouf

Jan 16th

Crochet pouf – You want to make your bedroom cozier or decorate your small room and it occurred to you to put funny puffs or beanbags in that area of ​​the house but you do not want to invest too much. You will learn how to make a Puff with your own hands. You will need some materials that you will find at home, although others will have to buy them but you will not have to spend more and it will be your own and personalized creation. Draw on the cardboard or newspaper the size you have chosen for the puff. Use a measuring rod to ensure the rectitude of it. This way you will obtain the pattern that you must follow. If this is the first time you try do it in a cylindrical way to make it easier.

White Crochet Pouf
White Crochet Pouf
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Making crochet pouf, cut out the fabric and quilt batting using the pattern measure you created earlier. Then join the equal parts of fabric and batting separately with the sewing machine. This way you will get a better texture and make your puff a more comfortable seat. Now sew the top, bottom and sides of the puff. Do not forget to leave an opening, which is neither too large nor too small, to fill the inside of the beanbag.

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Fill the crochet pouf with high density polyurethane foam. Use the amount you find necessary to make your beanbag a comfortable and sturdy seat. Close the hole you left open to fill the puff. You must ensure that it is well reinforced so that it does not open and the foam comes out of the interior. Once closed completely, distribute the filling everywhere. Your puff is ready to use. Remember that you can use the fabric that you like and choose the shape and style.