Rustic Farmhouse Bedding: Which One To Use?

Clean Rustic Farmhouse Bedding

Rustic farmhouse bedding – They consist of a fabric or cover. Usually 100% cotton or 50% polyester and cotton blend. That incorporates a feather, down or polyester synthetic fiber filling that generally matches the pillow. The duvet cover differs from the quilt in the thickness of the filling (much larger, usually 350 gr. Although it can reach 500 gr.), In which they are removable. And therefore do not wash directly but you have to remove the filling first. And in that the corners of the bed will never be perfect. But as “floating”, unlike quilts or quilts that do mark the 90 degrees in the corners.

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In addition, the Nordic cover replaces both the blanket and the top sheet. As its fabric is soft enough to come in contact with the body and therefore should be wash more often than a rustic farmhouse bedding or quilt. Duvet cover types differ mainly in the thickness of the filling, being able to find covers winter, covers halftime and mixed cases. The latter usually incorporate in their interior both fillings (a thick one of winter and a fine one of entretiempo of about 100 gr.) So that the same cover can be used throughout the year.

Removing or putting one, and another or both fillings depending on the outside temperature. Which one to use? Although it is a matter of taste, on a practical level the most common is to use a quilt for the late summer nights in which the cool begins to sneak at night, a quilt for halftime and a rustic farmhouse bedding cover for winter. In the market there are hundreds of models of all types and colors: smooth, printed, embroidered, padded … Therefore, the ideal is to first define the style of the bedroom and based on it leave for the end the choice of bedding.

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