Pickup Bed Drawers Design Ideas

Pickup Bed Drawers Plan

Pickup bed drawers – A restored wooden bed is a sure sign of well pickup bed drawers. Bed kits are available specifically cut and shaped for the model and brand of your pickup and are the best way to make a new wooden floor of the bed that is safe to fit. They come with chrome strips and bolts. If the old bed is still installed, it will have to be removed before making the new bedding again. Measure the original bed joints and take note of the width and placement of each. The diagram that comes with your new bed kit should indicate the placement. But a diagram of the original will ensure a proper fit. Cut the bolts from the floorboards from under the truck bed with a reciprocating saw. Make the cut just above the nut.

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Pickup bed drawers, hit the bottom end of each bolt with a hammer to pop up and out from the wooden floor boards at the top. Pull the stubborn bolts with tweezers from the top of the bed. Remove the screws in the corners of the rear sill bed. This is the metal bar that runs below the bottom edge of the back door and has the ends of the boards in place. The bolts are located on each corner of the bed, just inside the back door. Use a pipe wrench to remove them and raise the threshold out.

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Pull the boards out from the back of the pickup bed drawers, along with the strips of the metal bolts. If the bed is a fleet side, lift the boards away from the front part of the wheel well with a lever and pull them out. Reinstall the sill on the back and the bolt in place. Install the new gaskets in the same pattern as the originals. Start with the external tables. Adjust the back ends in the open channel along the front edge of the rear shelf and place it in place. Space the boards ½ to ¾ inch apart so that the bolt strips fit.