Perfectly Solar System Bedding

Blue Solar System Bedding

Solar system bedding – A very usual option for contemporary, sober and elegant environments is to opt for completely smooth tones, such as gray and marengos for masculine or beige style, mink and rosewood bedrooms for more luminous or feminine rooms. Of course, we can always also opt for the white color, suitable for all seasons, although in this case it can be complemented with walls in darker tones or frames framed in wood. Those who look for something more color and joy can opt instead for more vivid tones and prints of various types.

Either choosing the colors more purely autumn, such as oranges, browns and greenish or, if we seek something more light, opting for yellow or green with arboreal or floral motifs. Those who seek a mixed style , that is, move away from the sobriety of plain styles without reaching figurative prints or bright colors solar system bedding, can opt for more modern geometric patterns , such as stripes or circles, but keeping the neutral tones as gray, white or neutral. Finally, blue lovers should opt in this case for its darker slopes to suit the time, such as marine or dark mixtures with some turquoise, either in plain or in prints, in combination or not with the target.

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It is also possible to opt for reversible covers. So that during the summer we keep our eyes on the lightest shade and in autumn-winter the darkest. The general style or ambience that we want to print to the bedroom will determine the type of bedspread. The way to place it and the amount of cushions that we put on it. Lovers of this style should opt for solar system bedding based on quilts. Or quilts without wadding that leave the bed perfectly made. The cushions can be more or less. But always well placed and with a certain symmetry.

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