Pallet Bed With Storage Design

Perfect Pallet Bed With Storage

Pallet bed with storage is a staple of college dorms throughout the country and can be a quick and dirty furniture solution in any home. What it lacks attractiveness, which compensates in the low cost and eases of assembly. The development of a pallet platform takes less than 10 minutes once you have purchased your components. Unless you use pallets out of size, you can build only one of them with a double-sized bed frame. Drawers are a popular choice for platform beds because they are relatively easy to install. You need to have measurements of where it will fit your drawer, be sure to take off about 1 inch in width and length to ensure that the drawer fits into the space. The same can be said about the length of the drawer.

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Make pallet bed with storage does not have to be a complex project. If you use pre-made storage cubicles in the base and your new storage platform bed just got a whole lot simpler. Place the cubicle units in a rectangle, facing outwards, with the two 75-inch units placed on either side of the 15-inch cube cubicles, to form a rectangular frame, 45 by 75 inches. This makes a double bed. To modify the size of the bed, use longer or more cubicle units wider and adjust the length of the slats as needed. Glue the wooden planks inside the cubicles. The planks are expansion studs, so they have to be adjacent to each other in the cubicle walls: one of each at the top and bottom of the cubic cubicle’s side walls, one at the top and bottom of the cubicle.

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Pallet bed with storage, pre-drill two holes through each of the anchors. These holes are passed through the anchor, through the wall of the cubicle and into the adjacent screw anchor in the other cubicle wall. Screw the rack of the cubicle storage unit together using the previously drilled holes. Place the shelf supports along the sides of the inside of the frame below the edge. There will be 45 inches on the sides of the inside of the frame, so the position of the brackets on each side, with ten inches between them, so that they will support the wooden slats. Screw the brackets on the sides of the frame.

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