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Service Truck Organization Ideas – Day by day cities grow and this is reflect, among other things. In the endless rows of cars that simply do not fit in the streets. In the Federal District, for example, people stay several minutes and even hours in the middle of traffic jams. Especially during peak hours, such as the time of entry and exit of schools and work centers. This situation raises the need, both for individuals and companies. Moreover, to hire a private transport service to reduce the number of units that circulate daily in the main roads. Pay for it too generates important advantages since it reduces costs in transfer time and helps to preserve the environment.

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Therefore, with good planning and organization, a private business of service truck organization ideas can generate a profit margin of almost 30 percent. There is also the possibility of expanding the range of services so that. In addition to serving students and employees of companies. The touristic tours are offered during weekends and holiday periods. The model proposes the acquisition of Wagon or Mini Van vans (with the capacity between nine and 12 passengers). And, it comes with an average cost per unit of $ 264,000 to $ 360,000. In its extended modality, this business offers transportation of personnel. From the factories and offices, executive service and outsourcing for tourism operating companies.

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The service truck organization ideas investment is increase if you want to have more capacity for passage. For example, for the tourism sector, a Maxi Van type vehicle -which ranges between $ 700,000 and $ 800,000 is usually fill for about 15 and up to 19 passengers. In general, this business can start with about five units, acquiring them with the help of a financing, either directly with the automotive agency or a lessor. The only condition is that each vehicle has to generate sufficient income to cover the corresponding monthly payment, as well as other direct expenses, for example, the fuel and the salary of the operator.