Nordic Style Ideas With Stikwood Headboard

Stikwood Headboard In A Box

Stikwood Headboard – The headboards are really important in a bedroom but most of the time they are not given the importance they deserve. And all our effort is focused on the choice of the structure and design of the bed itself and in the bedding. The Nordic style headboards will be the center of attention in your bedroom of this style. So, it is very important that you choose it well. Some brush strokes of the culture of northern Europe come to our homes through the Nordic or Scandinavian style. Where decoration based on natural elements prevails and where lighting and clarity are decisive. The Nordic style is much more than a series of furniture of specific colors and placed strategically. It is the style where even the coldest becomes warm.

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Among the ideal materials for Nordic-style stikwood headboard, wood stands out without any doubt. In this style in general and in the Nordic-style headboards in particular. The use of wood is essential and will be the basis of the style. Therefore, you can choose Nordic-style headboards independent of the bed frame and formed with wooden slats. The result will be fantastic! Normally, the slats are placed horizontally but you will also find wooden headboards with vertical slats. The important thing is that they are made of wood! Our advice is that you opt for wider strips, so the result will be more natural.

This is the best option for rooms of smaller size since visually you will achieve a broader and more open aspect than with the Nordic-style headboards of wide wooden slats. The choice is in your hands! As for the basic color of this style, there is no doubt, right? White is the key to all this style and should predominate clearly in our bedroom. If our walls are completely white we can introduce Nordic-style stikwood headboard in pastel colors such as pink or blue or also the natural color of the wood as long as it is in its lighter shades. Combine the bedding and cushions with the colors of the headboard and achieve round result. Success is assured!

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