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DIY Futon Cover Twin

DIY Futon Cover – One of the best features of futon furniture is the fact that the cover can be replaced or depending on style and fabric, can be washed. Designed to withstand the power of the washing machine. The futon cover is available in a wide range of prints, colors and solid sizes. While these washable covers can be mixed and matched to add some variety to the interior decoration. The main feature is that they are easy to clean. Unlike regular upholstery that may require professional cleaning, the occasional mess created by children or pets does not matter with a machine washable cover.

Typically, machine-washable DIY Futon Cover has two large zips. The full cover looks like a large sheet made of denim or other material, and has a seam in the middle. To install it, spread the cover; align the mattress with the lining, then fold the lid so that all futon mattresses are closed. There are two zips, one on each corner. Cover the lid and that is all there is to put the cover on the futon mattress. When washing time, simply unzip the futon cover and pull off the mattress. Especially after a few rounds at the washing machine, the zipper on your futon cover is sometimes caught. Trying to make a working zipper can be frustrating.

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This may be tempting, but do not try to force a zipper that is jammed because it is too loud can accidentally break a zipper tab or break a tooth. After the teeth have been coated, try zipping and unzipping the unit several times. This will usually make the zipper work more smoothly. If a candle is not available, hand soap works, though not enough. If the problem is not ‘sticky’ because of age, dirt or other factors, the rope or fabric of the futon cover may be caught in the zipper unit. Carefully remove the captured material or strings that interfere with the zipper. The inner fabric is usually caught, so a pair of tweezers may be useful for understanding the material or thread. Pull slowly the inner layer, yarn or other material caught in the unit away from the zipper. That’s the article about DIY Futon Cover.

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