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Southern Living Bedding – They do not carry stuffing, they can be made of different materials (knitwear, wool, cotton, synthetic fabrics, etc.). And perfectly mark the contour of the mattress, marking the corners at 90 degrees. They are often use as a decorative bedspread for summer nights. Fans of this style usually opt for Nordic covers combined with plain cushions. And some other geometric patterns or different textures to break the monotony. Neutral, gray, white or blue tones fit very well in this style. Fans of this type of styles usually opt for bedding with patterned motifs of different colors

And a combination of blankets, bedspreads or plaids of bed placed in a somewhat irregular, providing character and a certain feeling of bed undone. But a time well studied. As for shades, it is usually chosen either by orange tones. Combined with mink, gray and rosewood, or by those of the complementary chromatic range. Such as blue, turquoise or mauve. You can opt for both white colors that contrast with the rest of the furniture or walls. Or opt for jaquard prints or classic cut. To print a certainĀ  rustic chic air to the bedroom, nothing better than combining the Southern Living Bedding with a wall or wooden headboard. And not leave the tones white, mink and orange.

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For a romantic touch you can use wooden tables, wicker accessories, blankets and rugs in sheepskin. And many cushions on the bed. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a more classic atmosphere without reaching the usual straightness and perfection of this style. The ideal is to use subtle pearly floral patterns on white clothes. Or to combine a more daring southern living bedding with more classic accessories, such as chandeliers modern. Or figurines on the lintel of the fireplace. In short, multiple options to start September with a good foot with quilts, quilts and duvet covers suitable for this time of year. Enjoy them!

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