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King Storage Bed Plans – The use of pallet wood for the manufacture of any furniture or decorative object is currently the best idea that can currently exist. It is indeed very interesting. With their simple and rustic look, pallets offer endless possibilities for the do-it-yourselfer. The project on which we will focus through this sheet concerns the bed in the pallet. Whether a bed for a place, two places or even for a king size bed, everything is possible. Indeed, you can make a bed of any size and any shape. Pallets can be held together with nails if you want to add their height. They can also be equipped with wheels to facilitate the movement of the bed thereafter.

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To begin, the pallets must be cleaned. They are washable so do not hesitate to wash them. However, they must be dried well afterward. After cutting the pallets and joining them to form an L, the pieces of wood are joined together to make a frame according to the shape and size measured and defined beforehand. Angled hooks are used to screw both top and bottom paddles into place and mount them to hang them on the frame. Drawers can be built under the king storage bed plans surface to increase storage capacity. Indeed, we never have enough storage.

Thus, the underside of the bed is an ideal location for more storage furniture. If you ever find it difficult to make drawers, you can invest in plastic or wicker bins that you can slide under the bed. The imagination knows no end. The size of the king storage bed plans in pallet depends on the size of the mattress. To fit the size of the mattress and pallets of different sizes are cut and joined. By extending the base length, a functional shelf can be created to serve as storage for your books for example. At the same time, it offers a durable frame for the bed with more style and comfort.

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