Intimate And Very Pleasant Plum And Grey Bedding

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Plum and grey bedding – Dare to the strong colors in your bedroom, the results are spectacular. They look very cozy and enveloping, this is an example of decoration in three colors. We do not have to go to the usual colors to create a pleasant atmosphere. Let’s see how we can create a truly unique space. But at the same time very warm and suggestive playing with color. The rule to follow is that they are intense colors, but not “chillones”. The “garish” colors are not relaxing and weary, especially in a bedroom. The ideas will give you some idea of ​​what you can achieve are with a note of color.

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The gray color is very nice for any environment. And well used can be charming, but the risk of falling into monotony is also running. If we paint the bedroom walls gray, it is always advisable to use white curtains or bedding. To give some light and delicacy to it. The shade of plum and grey bedding is chosen by you, from the darker ones such as charcoal gray, to softer ones such as ash gray or pearl. All should be chosen according to the amount of light available. So that your bedroom does not become a dark, cold and unpleasant place.

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In a gray environment it is always a good idea to look for a color that stands out in the place. This is why we can always help with strong colors. Which give prominence to an object, a wall or a piece of furniture in the room. This is where a possible shade appears, the plum and grey bedding. Which makes the bedroom intimate and very pleasant. The amount, like the previous color, you also choose it. Whether you use the color only on a pair of cushions. Or on a blanket, on the padding, on the carpet, on the headboard or on the entire wall.