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Western duvet covers can be used alone in the summer months, providing a lighter cover source. In the fall, use it with the quilt. And in the winter months, add another blanket. Care western duvet covers, unlike the quilt, quilt covers can be easily removed, and washed and dried at home. They protect the comforter against dust and dirt that needs to be removed, but without the hassle of having to dry clean the interior down. Where to buy, western duvet covers are sold in the bedding department. Specialty bedding stores, department stores and discount stores usually has a wide variety of options.

Western duvet covers are purchased just like any bedding. If you have a full-size comforter, you need a full-size western duvet covers. A queen-sized duvet cover does not work well on a full-size comforter, because the comforter will move around the inside of the cover, grouping and creating an unattractive look and feel. Basically, a duvet cover comes in whatever material you would find a quilt. They can be purchased separately or part of a set that includes pillow cases and a bed skirt. Some clothing stores have duvet covers as part of a bed in a bag set. Prices vary according to the materials.

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Western duvet covers can be a challenge to put on more than one quilt, especially if you have an extra large quilt, as it can be so difficult to manage. Most duvet covers have buttons, snaps at the top end. The upper end of the duvet cover is open to sliding on the comforter. Once the quilt is enclosed, the top of the cover is buttoned, snapped or closed. The trick to put on a duvet cover is to put the comforter of the bed first. Then, turn the duvet cover inside out. Place the cover on the bed with the bottom of the cover on the same end as the bottom of the quilt.

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