Ideas To Make Cowhide Pouf

Cowhide Pouf Style

Cowhide pouf – Prepare cloth that today we do something special for the house. We are going to get down working with a practical and decorative idea. Instead of buying a new puff for the living room or the room. Do not be scared … it’s easier than you think and it will look beautiful when it’s finished. The first thing to do is downloading and prints the patterns. You can cut the shapes and join the pattern pieces following the instructions. The pattern will look like a rectangle with a triangle at each end. You assemble and paste the octagonal pattern. Now with the assembled pattern we are cutting the pieces on the sheet and burlap fabric. You need eight of each fabric. With help the pins we join the layers of burlap and the sheet.

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Make cowhide pouf, with the sewing machine, you sew two of the previously assembled pieces leaving a margin of approximately 1 cm. You separate the union of each pair and iron it so that the seam is perfectly flat. Then, continue with another pair of pieces that you sew to the previous one. Then, iron the seam to fold it on the inside. Repeat the operation and do the other half in the same way. Then you fit both halves, upside down and join with pins. Then, make some marks about 12 cm from the apex of union of both halves to leave a gap through which you introduce the filling.

From one of the marks made and to the opposite you sew both parts of your cowhide pouf. Turn it over and begin to introduce scraps, old rags, whatever you have on hand up to about 2/3 of its capacity. And then, place the heaviest fabrics below and in the center. On the outside you put the lightest and softest fabrics. Next, introduce the filling fiber until you have the puff well filled. With the needle of the upholsterer and the embroidery thread you sew the joint. Then cover this area with the octagonal piece. Cut it with the same burlap cloth and fold the outer edges that you stick with the hot melt tape. Fix it with some pins and proceed to baste the piece over the area to be covered.

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