Ideas Donna Karan Bedding

Wonderful Donna Karan Bedding

Donna Karan bedding – When you enter a room, the size able bed that probably hoards much of the space is usually the first one you see. Due to the larger and more imposing nature of this bedroom piece, it is an effective place to establish your decorative theme and create decorative feeling. One way to make your decorating scheme known while capitalizing off the cube to capture the attention of your bed is to select and use unique bedding pieces to cover this ready resting space. Give the standard beds a more unique look with a little patterned hand.

The use of a stamp that offers a shape or image related to the theme of the room, print sheets of solid colors and a quilt to customize the donna karan bedding. For example, if your child’s room has a solar system theme, select stamps that have stars or planets, and stamp the bedding with these ways of making the bedding more appropriate for the room in question. Spice up your standard bedding with some sconces. Select a fabric that offers a mirror image of your room theme. For example, if you are planning a sissy-themed room, select a bold print with the ladybugs on it. Cut out the images and put them on pre-made sheets or a quilt. Sew around them using a sewing machine or by hand to attach these additions to the sheets and dress your otherwise plain bedding.

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Adding a little emotion to your donna karan bedding can be as simple as picking up an iron. Jazz up your bedding with a bit of iron in the details. Select clip art from photographic images to print the image in the mirror on the paper of thermal transfers and iron these decorations in standard sheets. Make matching cushions by removing the padding and board from your image instead, then re-fill these padded bedding. This simple art requires little skill and leaves you with custom sheets that are highly distinctive and a reflection of your theme.

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