How To Make Truck Bed Organizer Plans

System Truck Bed Organizer Plans

Truck Bed Organizer Plans for your child who loves trucks will help him to roll into the dreams country night after night. The bed can be a dumper, pickup, semi or any other type of truck the child likes. The easiest way to make a truck bed is to use a regular double or full size bed with a truck shaped bedside. If you want the entire bed to resemble a truck, will take additional time, creativity. Either way, likely to end with a one-of-a-kind bed your child. Buy a piece of plywood that is at least 40 inches wide to make a double bed or 55 inches wide for a full size bedside.


The plywood should be larger than the gable you intend to create. Draw the shape of the Truck Bed Organizer Plans on the wood freehand or by tracking an enlarged image of the wood. Pin transfer paper between image and plywood, and then track the image with a permanent cursor to get your disposition. This may be the front grill of the truck, a profile view or any other part. Place the plywood on top of the two buckles safely. Put on goggles, face mask and put your earplugs. Cut out your truck shape using jigsaw. Use a blade that is optimal for cutting plywood. Sand the edges until they are smooth to avoid splitting. Wipe away dust with a clean dry cloth.

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Tips and warnings

Make the gable more interesting by attaching lights where the headlights would be or make a registration plate with the child’s name on it. If you want to create a whole Truck Bed Organizer Plans, connect four pieces of decorated plywood around the bed creating a rectangular frame. Make the gable floor length and cut out “tires” on the sides. The bed should sit at least five inches above the top of the truck “frame” to avoid damage. If you place the bed in the middle of the room or in the middle of a wall, a matching toy drawer or shelf can act as a “hood” of the truck.

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