How To Make Modern Bedroom Bench

White Modern Bedroom Bench

Modern Bedroom Bench serves as a small storage unit in addition to a comfortable seating area. They can be made for use in AA large wardrobes, in a foyer or mudroom, in front of a bay window or even at the end of a bed, and they are not hard to build. Cut 2-by -2 bits into four parts measuring about 15 inches long. Cut OSBs into six pieces, four pieces about 4 meters long and 2 meters wide and two pieces about 2 meters by 2 meters. Use the saw to make all cuts. Fast the four 2- by -2 bits to the corners of one of the OSB bits to make a table platform.


Turn the designed piece over so that OSBs face the floor. Attach two 2-times-4 pieces on each side of the Modern Bedroom Bench structure, nail through the outer OSB pieces and into 2-of -2 frame pieces. Attach the end pieces about 2 meters by 2 meters. Sand all exterior surfaces of the bench, including the remaining 2-foot-by -4-foot play that has not yet been added. Apply wood paint or bite on the outside of the bench and the remaining piece and allow all surfaces to dry overnight or longer before continuing construction on the bench. Attach two hinged fixtures to the back of the bench, use the supplied screws. Align hinges equally apart from each other and equally spaced from each end of the bench.

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Set the remaining 2-foot-by -4-foot piece on top of the bench, and attach the other sides of the hinge fixtures to the bench cover. Make a subdued and comfortable Modern Bedroom Bench. Cut a piece of fabric that measures about 6 inches longer and wider than the bench cover. Cut a 2 inch thick foam pad to measure exactly 2 feet with 4 feet. Put the pad on the lid to the bench and cover with the fabric. Align the fabric so that about 3 inches hang over all sides of the pad. Cuff the material under the pillow and attach the bench lid with a staple stick, attaching every 1/2 inch to the outer edge of the lid.

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