How To Dress Pink Bedroom Bench

Nice Pink Bedroom Bench

Pink Bedroom Bench perhaps you found a lot on a bench at a flea market or economy store. Everything that a bench needs now is a little TLC and it will be as good as new. Reupholstering a bench is really not too difficult. It takes very little if any sewing. Most benches have only the top cover. This is a big project to do on a weekend. Remove all hardware on the lid to the bench using a screwdriver. Put hinges and screws in a plastic bag of zipper to keep them from getting lost. Clean the lid on the bench with a damp cloth to remove dust and other debris.


Measure the length and width of the lid on the bench. Add 6 inches to this measurement to calculate how much fabric to buy. Use exact measurement to buy a piece of 1. Or 2 inch foam for padding Pink Bedroom Bench. Cut your decorator fabric. Place the foam centered on top of the fabric. Place the lid on the bench on top of the fabric. Check the underside of the cover is facing upwards. Pull the fabric around the edges of the lid and staple in place. Start on one side of the lid and put a staple in the middle to hold it in place.

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Go to the opposite side of the lid and put another staple in the middle. Do this with the other two pages. Continue to work around the Pink Bedroom Bench cover until you have it completely stapled. Take your lining and cut it 2 inches bigger than the lid on the bench. Fold over the rough edges of the fabric 1 inch and iron to keep the fold in place. Place the fabric on the underside of the lid. Staple up the fabric on the spot to cover the raw edges decorator fabric. Firm screws and hinges to the lid and the bench to put the stopper lid in place.

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