How To Dress A Long Bedroom Bench

Wonderful Long Bedroom Bench

Long Bedroom Bench is a nice comfortable to support your feet or to add a little character to a bedroom. Revive an old bench is a simple process. The most challenging step will decide which fashionable furniture fabric to choose. Once you have completed this project once, you will be looking for old Osman to recover. This is a great way to give a super cheap makeover to furniture that can be outrageously expensive. Start with a round footstool with a pillow fixed and the legs removed. Measure the circumference of bench and measure the sides from top to bottom. Add another 2 and a half to three inches to the measurements.


Cut fabric and batting according to measurements. Place bats on a flat surface. Center Long Bedroom Bench in the middle of the wadding. Slightly stretch bat over the sides on the top and sides of the pillow. Staple the edge of the bat on the bottom of the bench. Batting can tear easily, so be extra careful if you use a thinner type of bat. Turn the ottoman and staple the pad again immediately from the first convulsion. Turn back and staple bats in the middle of the first two convulsions. Remember to keep batting as smooth as possible. Continue to staple down the remaining pieces of batting in this way. Place the fabric cut out on a flat surface, wrong side up. Center the bench in the middle of the fabric. Repeat the same stapling technique required for stapling.

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Pull the fabric so tight, but do not overheat the fabric. Remember to take care to keep a clean edge and avoid bunching the material. Finish the staple on the fabric. Pour out a sheet of black batiste cloth and place coated Long Bedroom Bench on the material. Trace the shape of the bench on the material with a piece of chalk. Cut out the shape. Neatly folded under the loose edges of the cambric tablecloth and adhered to the bottom of the bench. Locate the holes for leg attachments (if applicable) and insert small guide holes in the material. Put your legs back and stand upright. Place your new bench in your room and enjoy.

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