Homemade Twin Platform Bed Plans

Wide Twin Platform Bed Plans

Twin Platform Bed Plans it may be time for a “big guy” bed. Building your own child bed can be a safe and cost effective way to replace an old crib if you have clear and easy to follow bed plans. The personal construction of your child’s bed is also a great way to create something unique while ensuring their safety. Once you have covered the plywood slats and secured with screws, you are ready to paint and finish. If you prefer, color the wood and apply a layer of polyurethane for a natural, shiny finish. Or, you and your child can pick out color paint and paint the bed before applying the coat finish.

Getting Started

There are many Twin Platform Bed Plans available for purchase at your local hardware store. You can choose to follow a sketch plan or have a custom made to add additional security features or unique designs. Any standard bed plan will require some basic tools and supplies. You will need wood filler, sandpaper, polyurethane, bite and paint. Your basic raw materials are: four 8-foot 2x4s, two 8-foot 2x8s, a single 4×4 plywood board, 2½-inch tires or screws, 20 3/8 inch wood plugs and a half kilo No. 10 completed nails. You may want to do this into an interactive project with your child, so have them help you choose a color or decorations.

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Cut your wood pieces first. Start by cutting 2x8s in 55½-inch and 28-inch pieces, then sand. This will give you two long wooden pieces for the sides of the frame and two shorter pieces to connect to the base and the head of the frame. Next, cut your 2x4s into four 28-inch pieces for the mattress supports. To secure the splits, drill a hole for 3/8-inch wooden plugs, fasten with a tire screw and cover with a wooden plug. Place the plywood over the bars when the Twin Platform Bed Plans is ready. Fill in head and foot aboard by cutting two 27¾-inch wood pieces and two 20½-inch pieces from the 2x4s. You will need to sand all the wooden pieces and attach them to each end corner of the bed.

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