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The Madison Park bedding website, inspired by the original quilts made in the south of France from the seventeenth century. They are an ideal resource to dress the bed. When they are made in the form of patchwork , sewing different types of pattern fabrics forming squares. They can be used to introduce a great variety of colors and designs in the room. Especially floral with a very lively and cheerful chromatic selection. These are quilted garments, made as quilts, with two fabrics and padding, which in most cases are also reversible. If you use white sheets to complete the set, all the protagonism will fall on the boutí .

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If you want to give more strength to the composition. You only need to choose one or more of the colors present in this type of madison park bedding website . And use it on cushions and cushions, as well as avoid falling into excessive shrillness. The pastel colors are the easiest to combine. This proposal combines the paler range of yellows and roses with different shades of gray and black and white brushstrokes. Using grays and whites as a basic chromatic element provides the perfect canvas to reduce the cheesy load that the use of pastel colors runs the risk of contributing to an environment.

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For children’s bedrooms or juveniles with more than one bed in the same room, play with different madison park bedding website elements to dress each of the pieces. Not everything has to go perfectly together, but look for a common denominator that will help you create a harmonious effect. Dare with patterned motifs, as in this case, of great floral and vegetable designs with the same color palette in pink, green and blue. Or combine the different tones in which the same pattern is available. A good way to customize each bed in an original and very colorful way.