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Creative Book Storage – When there are enough books to make a library, but there is not enough space, storage becomes a challenge. You may realize that, even after storing hundreds of books in your closet, you still have many more and seemingly nowhere to put them. Fortunately, although you may not see that at first glance, many places to store books fit with your decor and are within the reach of your guests. For individuals with little room to spare, but lots of windows, consider storing books along the window sill. Hide the books with curtains, or open the curtains so your guests can take a good book if they would like.

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If you are worried about the way your window looks from the outside. Store them only in the back rooms where no one sees your house can see them. Use an old pillowcase, sew bags or pockets in the pillowcase, and attach it to the side of your bed. Tucking the top under your mattress or even with a safety pin. You can even use iron on the letters to make the creative book storage look a little more interesting. Drop the books in the padded case for easy access for night reading. Also, try this in the children’s rooms to facilitate access to goodnight stories. A stack of books to create a type of sculpture.

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Create towers or asymmetric shapes even symmetrical shapes. Better yet, the pile of books to create chairs or tables. Make sure the books are in an easily accessible position in case someone wants to read a book later. For example, if you create a final table, do not place a 50-lb. television on top of it. You can also try making a shelf yourself. Materials like branches and pipes can be use to create a unique design that suits your interior and style. Finally, look at the book-friendly furniture, such as armchairs, tables, and nightstands that have extra creative book storage space or a design that does not damage storage.