Craigslist Trundle Bed Solution Saving Space

Craigslist Trundle Bed Twin

Craigslist Trundle Bed – The trundle bed or pull-out bed is a sleeping set consisting of a frame for receiving bedding, and a drawer positioned under the bed which has a second bedding. This sleeping mode invests the free space under your bed to accommodate an extra bed. It is use to furnish a room in the house that can easily be turning into a bedroom. You can fix a trundle bed by first determining which part of the bed should be fixed. If the bed is wobbly, there are probably bolts and screws that came loose and need to be tightened. The original wood screws that appear to be stripping must be replace with new wood screws.

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The bolts use to secure the parts of the trundle bed should be tighten with a hex wrench, also known as an Allen key. Take all the bed sheets. Remove the mattress to expose the frame. Locate the bolts that secure the sections of the craigslist trundle bed together. Insert the Allen key into one of the bolts on the chassis. Tighten the screw by turning the Allen key clockwise. Repeat this step for the rest of the bolts in the bed frame. Locate the wood screws that secure the metal brackets to the chassis. Insert the screwdriver into a screw and tighten by turning the screwdriver clockwise.

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Repeat this step for the remaining screws in the frame. Screws that seem to be stripping with worn wires down need to be replace with new screws. Replacement of wood screws. Place the screwdriver on the screw. Turn the screw counterclockwise with the screwdriver until you can turn it by hand. Remove the screw. Insert a new wood screw into the hole. Tighten the screw with the screwdriver. Repeat steps 1 to 3 for all the screws that need to be replace. Set the mattress on the craigslist trundle bed. Replace litter. You can also use an electric drill to tighten the wood screws.