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Day of the dead bedding – Welcome back! The return to school always comes with something of nostalgia and post-holiday deprecation. But at the same time with the hope of undertaking new projects and a general renovation. We join the gym, we decided to learn something new. We put the body to work after the summer wear, we update the closet … Of course, this renovation also reaches the home. So we decided to dedicate this first post of the new course to the decoration of the bedroom. And specifically, to the autumn bedding.

They are the lightest option to cover the bed for these first autumn winds. It treats of garments of fine thickness and gram mage inferior to the 150 gr. That can carry (or not) a light internal filling sewn into the fabric (and therefore can not be removed). They are usually use. Standard day of the dead bedding or quilt handkerchief: They do not carry stuffing, they can be made of different materials (knitwear, wool, cotton, synthetic fabrics, etc.) and perfectly mark the contour of the mattress, marking the corners at 90 degrees. They are often used as a decorative bedspread for summer nights.

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Bouti quilts: They have a small quilted padding that makes them more fluffy than conventional, plus something warmer for those first cool autumn nights or to avoid the blanket.  They are quilts with non-removable fiber filling of different weights (the most common are about 250 gr.), Made with different textures and fabrics attached to the fiber with stitching to hold the filling well. Day of the dead bedding usually come padded in large square format, although there are different designs and models. In addition to these two types, we can hear about the adjustable quilt, and the Nordic quilt, which is just another way of naming the Nordic case that we deal with below.

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