Choosing Max Studio Bedding

Soft Max Studio Bedding

Max Studio Bedding Use light pink, light yellow or very light brown for mounted and the sheet provides a great base for decorating accessories. Choose a flat-style cover for the head cover, in a floral design with a creamy beige background, sketch with a striking dark border about two inches wide. The bright and dark color scheme reminiscent of romantic Asian rooms. Keep pillows to a minimum, which has no more than two or three to maintain the easy-read aspect of the theme. Decorating with one or two pieces of furniture, such as a Hello pot chair or a table, is also appropriate.

One way to choose a color for your walls is to choose one of the colors from your Max Studio Bedding. But if your design litter has only two colors like pink and white, you can paint your walls mint green, which is pink complementary color – the color opposite it on the color wheel. Paint your walls white is another option, no matter what colors are in your bedding. Because your bedding is already printed, it’s best to paint your walls a solid color to keep the room looking balanced and less messy. But if you want something more than a color on your walls, you can decorate with a wallpaper frame around your walls.

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A room would not be complete without accessories, including table lamps, an area mat, alarm clock or a switch plate cover. As with the other elements in your room, decorate with accessories based on the color or colors found in your bedding. For example, shop with a red area mat, violet pillows or pink lights. Max Studio Bedding toys on a shelf are another way to accessorize a room. White furniture looks best in a room with bedding, because it balances the brightness of pastel colors. However, you can decorate with accent pieces, such as a clear acrylic chair or a chair or armchair in one of the colors of your bedding.

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