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Chaise Lounge Sofa Bed – Having a sofa bed is enjoying a seat during the day and a bed at night. Perfect in small spaces, and especially in student studios, convertible sofas allow us to receive our loved ones and our family. The models are numerous and all do not have the same use. Before running to buy your convertible sofa, you must ask yourself the right questions. How often do you intend to sleep in it? In which room will he be placed? What dimensions? What design? It is obvious that you will not choose the same sofa bed in the living room, for occasional use, and in a studio, for everyday use.

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Because we are all sensitive to the decoration of our interior, it is possible to determine the coating and color of the chaise lounge sofa bed. And yes, sometimes it is this criterion that allows you to choose between two sofas. The mattress is use for both sleeping and sitting. If it is folded in half, the convertible sofa is called a sofa bed, if the mattress is folded in three, it is called BZ. Convertible sofas on their side have a seat but also a mattress and box spring that fold under the seat. Sofas and banquettes are two distinct products. While the sofa bed looks like a classic sofa with a backrest, a wide seat, and armrests.

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The bench is more of office furniture. The more the bed is use, the longer the mattress will be. For an occasional bed, you can opt for a medium density foam mattress (less than 30kg / m²). For regular bedding, prefer high-density foam mattresses (over 30kg / m²). A daily chaise lounge sofa bed, opt for the memory mattress, foam or latex, or spring mattresses. Finally, make sure you have room to convert your sofa into a bed. For this, choose the furniture with wheels around the sofa to clear the space when you make the bed.