Chaise Daybed Element Decoration Furniture

Chaise Daybed Gray

Chaise Daybed – Most of the furniture for the house is create to fulfill common functions in daily life, but there is another furniture that is design to meet specific needs, such as different types of daybeds, which have special characteristics that distinguish them, by the way, to be able to sit down and the utility. When you look at the windows or the garden, you will have a greater sense of spaciousness. If, when sitting in the room, your gaze is direct towards a wall, you will feel that space is smaller and closing, since the (visual) horizon is cut by a wall.

Directing the view of your guests in the room in the best place does not mean that ALL the furniture sees towards the same point, you do not want to have a classroom as a stay. The objective is that there is no furniture to sit that hinders the view, such as individual armchairs, sofas or love-seats. One of the less common and yet more effective options are the chaise daybed, which is a type of sofa that has the very low backing or even does not have support, this is how it allows visual continuity, there is no support that prevents it. The daybeds can be of many widths.

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From the smallest sitting for two people (known as 1 “and 1/2” with a useful length of sitting of approximately 110cm) to that of a sofa (useful length of sitting of about 230cms). The depth should be the same as that of any type of chaise daybed to sit on. And the height corresponds to the type of sitting you decide to have in your stay, a more formal sitting (approx 43cms) or a sitting lounge, more relaxed (approx 38cms) Remember to always take into account the correct height of sitting so you do not have differences between your guests, for this you must learn to choose comfortable and functional chairs and armchairs.

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