Calm And Comfy Zen Bedding

Best Zen Bedding

Zen bedding – Our bedroom should be the place where we want to feel more calm. Where we seek the long-awaited peace that ensures us a good rest. And what better style to promote these feelings of serenity than a space inspired by Japanese Zen philosophy. We already explained in previous article what we mean when we talk about Zen decoration. But now, we will focus on the ZEN bedrooms . The general objective is to create a calm, balanced and inspiring environment. With a minimum of decorative elements, circumscribing the basics, the simple and functional.

First of all, clear your room of as many elements as possible and keep only the essentials, of course you should not do without what can give you greater comfort zen bedding, but nothing that draws too much attention or that tries to impress. We want to create spacious environments or at least give the impression that they are. With a lot of free space for the energy to circulate and for that it is necessary to have zero disorder. The storage furniture should be concealed, ideally fitted wardrobes, or simple and quality furniture. The idea to keep in mind is: quality instead of quantity.

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To create that quiet atmosphere that we seek to eliminate stress. As for the colors to use, always opt for natural tones, neutral colors such as ocher, white, brown or gray are the most used. To give contrast to this type of rooms basically monochromatic, you can choose to place some object of a dominant color, or play with textures or with different types of zen bedding fabrics. You could also combine two colors that give an edifying accent, or just play with a gradient. Usually no type of stamping is used, since they attract too much attention and disperse the mind.

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