Building Italian Murphy Bed

Wood Italian Murphy Bed

Italian Murphy Bed is also known as a folding bed or a wall bed where the mattress is attached to the frame of the bed. Before you start building your Italian Murphy Bed, you need to decide where you want the bed to be placed. Make sure that the space you choose is large enough to accommodate two bookshelves on both sides of the bed. The bookshelves you use should be the same height or higher than the mattress, and make sure they are deeper than the mattress you will use. You can then proceed to purchase materials, including plywood, wood slabs, MDF, wood screws, hinges, trunks, rivets, paint, drills and bits, a level and a hammer.

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You should be the first action where you want the bookshelves to be mounted on the wall and mark it with a pen. Mount bookshelves on the wall with rivets and 3-inch wood screw. Once you have set the dimensions for the Italian Murphy Bed, you can continue with the construction of the frame. Use 1×12 particleboard for the frame of the bed. You can create the frame by attaching the boards using the prelim. Secure the frame by laying the wooden screw where the corners meet. Make a ledger board that will attach the bed to the wall from 2×8 wooden boards.

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Attach the main board to the bed frame with 6-inch gate hinge. Cut MDF to fit around bed frame and attach it with mounting adhesive. Secure the MDF on the frame using a wooden screw. When you’re done creating the frame, you can put wheels to the bottom of the bed. To install Italian Murphy Bed, you must first perform the main board that wall controls with 3-inch layer bolts. You can then add treatments such as trim casting around the bed frame or you can simply paint the bed. Put your mattress on the bed, and your Murphy bed is ready for use.