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Build Your Own Truck Vault is workhorse’s families everywhere. These trucks offer an easy way to carry cargo around the city. Entrepreneurs use them as a way to get deliveries from the workplace to the workplace. The only problem with a pickup is it has an open bed which means cargo has the potential to fall out when the truck is in motion. To solve this problem, consider building a cover for your pickup to keep all your items safe where they belong. Measure the length and width of the flap on all four sides. Cut two pieces of 2-of-4 with the saw that is equal to the length of the bed. Cut a piece of 2-of-4, which is equal to the width of the bed at the cabin.


Cut a piece of 3/4 inch plywood dimensions as the same dimensions of Build Your Own Truck Vault. Use the measurements you took earlier and draw a pattern of 4-by-eight-foot plywood. Cut along your lines. Measure 3/4 inches down from the top of the side edges of the truck fleet and make a line with the pen. This is where the 2-by-4 lengths will be placed. Measure a foot along the line you just made to the center from both the cabin and the gate and make two markings one inch apart. These marks are the placement of the holes you will drill and should be about an inch below the line for 2-by-4 side stick marks you draw. You should have eight marks (two per end at both ends of each side of the bed).

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Drill holes through the side of the bed with a 1/4 inch metal drill on the marks you made. Drill holes through two-times-4 side pieces. Attach the side joints to the side of the flap by placing two-times-4 over the area with the holes. Place a bumper tray over the holes between 2-of-4 and the Build Your Own Truck Vault. A tray over the hole on the other side of the board. Place a locking tray over the bumper tray and place the 3-inch bolt in 2-of-4 to attach it to the truck. Repeat this for all eight holes; fully attach the side rails to the truck’s flap. The rails should sit 3/4 of an inch under the top of the bedside.

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