Best Storage Bench Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Storage Bench Bedroom Design

Storage bench bedroom – A bench is a practical furniture for bedroom; a bench with hidden storage, even more. Plus, if you take the measurements to the storage bench to the log yard, you can save yourself a lot of time by having an employee cut the timber to size for you. ideas for make storage bench bedroom, cut 3 of 1 timber into nine pieces of 16 inches; six pieces at 60 inches; and a piece of 14 inches. Cut ½-inch plywood in a base piece of 60 by 16 inches; front and rear panels of 61 by 16 inches; and two side panels of 18 by 16 inches.

Then for make storage bench bedroom, collect 16 and 60 inch planks in three frames. Each frame should contain three 16 inch planks, evenly distributed vertically; and two 60 inch planks horizontally span the ends of 16 inch planks. Nail frames together with two stitches per 16 inch flat end a total of 12 stitches per frame. Position one frame flat on the work surface, 16 inch planks downwards. Place the base piece of plywood over the top and stitch in place along the 60-inch planks. Stands against the remaining two frames, 16-inch planks facing inwards, vertically along the 60-inch side of the base. Clamp in place then nail frames to base piece.

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Center side panels plywood over the ends of the base and sides of the vertical frames. The ends of the plywood must form a corner with the ends of the frames. Nail in place through plywood at the bottom as well as on the adjacent sides of frames. Position the front and rear plywood slabs over the vertical frame of the bench. Push remaining 14-inch 3 with 1 sheet into the top of the box, in the middle. Center piano hinge along one long edge of the lid. The last for make storage bench bedroom, fill nail holes with wooden kits and allow drying. Sand entire storage then bench or paint as desired.

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