Advantages Of Having DIY Captains Bed

Making A DIY Captains Bed

DIY Captains Bed – If you’re struggling to fit a dresser into your bedroom because the room is just a little bit too small. You should maybe consider purchasing a captain’s bed as it would be a perfect solution to your problem. This is mainly because captain beds were designed to fit in the small quarters of a ship in maritime history. And manufacturers have taken the concept and developed it. Captain’s beds were designed back in maritime history when having a bed. And both also as storage store in their tiny quarters was unheard of. Luckily for them and us, the captain’s bed design solved the problem. And it continues to be a popular choice to solve the problem in small bedrooms today.

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Manufacturers of these DIY captains bed have tweaked the styling over the years. To include a modern feel as well as a cottage and maritime novelty design in keeping with the bed’s history. Obviously, the novelty styles are aimed more at the kids. And the contemporary modern feel is for the adults looking to gain more storage space. To cater for both kids and adults beds are available in a wide range of sizes. Include the single and a twin which seems to be the best choice for kids. Right up to queen and king size for adults who are looking to purchase a bed.

Like with the sizes these DIY captains bed is available to a number of finishes aimed at both adults and kids. Some of the more popular choices in finishes are oak, pine, cherry, and black and white. One of the main reasons why people buy a captain bed is because they are looking to get more storage space as this design of the bed is one of the best when it comes to giving you more storage space in a bedroom. The number of drawers available on the bed depends upon the size of bed you want. If you get a larger double, queen or king sizes bed you will be looking at 6 drawers on the sizes and 2 drawers on the ends of the bed.

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